De Carnisser Buurtoven

For an initiative from Bakkerij de Eenvoud a mobile stone oven has been introduced in a Neighborhood in Rotterdam. For this wonderful project I drew up some fun promotional material. The promotional material: Demo Version The flyer Social Media Instagram en Facebook

The Carnisse Art Festival

Poster for the festival was made by @jasannabel I have initiated an arts festival in my neighborhood in the south of Rotterdam, which is commonly known as a “problem” area. I want more opportunities for artists in and around their own home so that we can contribute to our community in a meaningful way. Carnisse […]

Neighborhood Council Candidate

English: Hi there! My name is Sam Niehorster and I am running to be part of the neighborhood council for Carnisse-Zuiderpark. I am a student at the Erasmus University and the Willem de Kooning Academy. So far I have seen endless opportunities in Carnisse. I see a neighborhood without borders and with endless possibilities. I […]

Volunteering in Romania

(to respect the childs privacy their faces have been pixelated ) I have worked for a full year in a “European solidarity corps” project in Constanta, Romania. Here I organized and carried out volunteer activities together with three lovely and motivated people. These activities were about developing interpersonal skills, personal care and how to use […]

The Big Gardening Event

I saw an opportunity in my street to make it super green. By chance I stumbled upon the organisation “Buurtklimaatje” that could help me organize this whole event! Event & outcome A flyer poster and pitch drawings by me