De Carnisser Buurtoven

For an initiative from Bakkerij de Eenvoud a mobile stone oven has been introduced in a Neighborhood in Rotterdam. For this wonderful project I drew up some fun promotional material. The promotional material: Demo Version The flyer Social Media Instagram en Facebook


In development! Silcrete will be a game about a far off future, in which there is no other life form than humans left on our earth, no bugs no trees no deer no bacteria absolutely nothing. A mass migration to a new planet is in full swing on which there is still plenty of life. […]

The Coal Swamp

I found myself going down a research hole on coal swamps and thought it would be cool to connect that to the process of mourning. It is a work in progress! Underneath are snippets of some of the pages in this book. I hope you enjoy!

Neighborhood Council Candidate

English: Hi there! My name is Sam Niehorster and I am running to be part of the neighborhood council for Carnisse-Zuiderpark. I am a student at the Erasmus University and the Willem de Kooning Academy. So far I have seen endless opportunities in Carnisse. I see a neighborhood without borders and with endless possibilities. I […]


scram! acrylic on canvas (2021)