C – Directing

C is a short movie directed by Merlijn Hermsen and me.

After seeing the infinite, humanity plops down in a gray and empty restaurant. Humankind tries to forcefully become a collective, which leads to the confrontational but beautiful reality that we all are dependent on one another.


Behind the scenes

Directors: Merlijn Hermsen, Sam Niehorster

DOP: Jacob Alcala

Screenwriter Merlijn Hermsen

Producer Adit Ram, Merlijn Hermsen, Sam Niehorster

Gaffer Peter John Cutajar

Boom Operator Jan Verburg

Set Design Sam Niehorster, Nina Gideonse

Costume Design Inola Sames

HMUA Sara Jooshesh

VFX Jurrian van Vuuren

Colorist Luke Linssen