The Coal Swamp – Children’s Book

I found myself going down a research hole on coal swamps and thought it would be cool to connect that to the process of mourning. It is a work in progress! Underneath are snippets of some of the pages in this book.

De Carnisser Buurtoven – Poster

For an initiative from Bakkerij de Eenvoud a mobile stone oven has been introduced in a Neighborhood in Rotterdam. For this wonderful project I drew up some fun promotional material. Last works! The flyer Social Media Instagram en Facebook

The Carnisse Art Festival – Organization and Map

Poster for the festival was made by @jasannabel I have initiated an arts festival in my neighborhood in the south of Rotterdam, which is commonly known as a “problem” area. I want more opportunities for artists in and around their own home so that we can contribute to our community in a meaningful way. Carnisse […]

C – Directing

C is a short movie directed by Merlijn Hermsen and me. After seeing the infinite, humanity plops down in a gray and empty restaurant. Humankind tries to forcefully become a collective, which leads to the confrontational but beautiful reality that we all are dependent on one another. Trailer Behind the scenes Directors: Merlijn Hermsen, Sam […]

Active-Caring – Directing

Me and Carlota Garcia are working on rethinking education for children. One thing that lays central in our philosophy behind this form of education is that the responsibility of teaching children how to cook or tie their shoes should not be only laid on the shoulders of the parents. But rather on the community, after […]

A Guitar Stand

a guitar stand made from an old fish market chair (2021)

The Big Gardening Event – Organizing

I saw an opportunity in my street to make it super green. By chance I stumbled upon the organisation “Buurtklimaatje” that could help me organize this whole event! Event & outcome A flyer poster and pitch drawings by me


scram! acrylic on canvas (2021)